EMILIO MACCHIA - Winner of the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni National Award

Friday, 26th October, 2012, at 10am the selection board met at the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni Headquarters, the European Institute of the History of Paper and Paper Sciences, based at 31/33 Viale Pietro Miliani, Fabriano. The selection board, composed of historians and well-known teachers, awarded the BIENNIAL NATIONAL AWARD to the author of an unpublished master's thesis on a topic relevant to the history of paper and related subjects.

The Commission has decided that the winner deserving of the prize money of €5,000 (five thousand euros) is Dr. Emilio Macchia, author of Press to attack. Editoria e tipografia clandestina in Olanda 1940 - 1945.

The thesis deemed deserving of a special mention are:

- Metamorfosi di un processo artigianale nell’Ottocento: lo Scartafascio di Mele, dr Elisabetta Badia;

- Le carte da lucido: storia, analisi e conservazione dei supporti cartacei trasparenti, dr Eleonora Larghi;

- Conservazione del Ragionamento. Progetto di restauro del volume: “Ragionamento di M. Giuseppe Betussi sopra il Cathaio; luogo dello ill.s. Pio Enea Obizzi”, stampato a Padova nel 1573, dr Lorenza Troian.

The Foundation wishes to thank all those who participated in the award and hope- given the positive appreciation of the selection board for the quality of the theses submitted - hat studies in this area should continue, thus contributing to the circulation of knowledge, enhancement and promotion of paper in all its forms.

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