Nicola D'Arcangelo, printer of art for Cartiere Pietro Miliani, Fabriano.

The exchange of information between the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni and the editorial and typographical archives Laboratory 'Nicola D'Arcangelo' of the University of L'Aquila and the Pia Università dei Cartai di Fabriano, gave the opportunity to retrace the outstanding features of the life of Nicola D'Arcangelo, printer of art, to whom the laboratory is dedicated, with whose creativity produced a collection of paper samples in the first half of the 900's for Cartiere Pietro Miliani Fabriano, which are unique for their originality and graphical style: some of them are kept inside the historical archives of Cartiere Pietro Miliani Fabriano, managed by the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni .

The masterpieces of the Abruzzian printer were collected and called the Fondo D'Arcangelo (Fondo D’arcangelo) . They were donated by the heirs of Nicola at the University of L'Aquila in 2007 and are currently managed by the Department of Comparative Cultures. This collection brings together graphic handiworks , books, manuscripts and typescripts produced by Nicola D'Arcangelo and his father, Donato, during their experiences working as typographers, (1883-1975). (See Nicola D'Arcangelo, printer of art).