A precious edition. THE MOULD. Paper-and Mould-Makers in the History of Western Paper

It is a precious volume for the topic but also for the editorial style, presented  on Friday 27th May 2016 at the Oratorio della Carità. The third volume of the prestigious series of the History of Paper “L’era del segno” edited in its first two volumes (Volume 1 in 2003 and Volume2 in 2006) by Cartiere Miliani Fabriano - Fedrigoni Group, which today ideally passes the baton to the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation with this last volume entitledLA FORMA. Formisti e Cartai nella Storia della Carta Occidentale (THE MOULD.Paper-and Mould-Makers in the History of Western Paper) curated by Giancarlo Castagnari (paper historian), which represents, without a doubt, one-of – a kind in its genre in Italy for the topic dealt with, the “mould” – indispensable tool for the production of hand-made paper since the XIII century- which is narrated in its historic and techno-scientific realm; it was born out of the desire to make known and enhance the precious 2.295 watermarked “moulds”(dating back to 1846), inherited by the historic Cartiere Miliani Fabriano; recently restored and transferred to the historical paper archeology building in Fabriano, headquarters of the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation. 

A collective bilingual work (Italian and English) made up of historical  monographic essays  on the subject, as well as a photo album, curated by Livia Faggioni (coordinator of the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation) with images of some of the most extraordinary “moulds” present in the collection. With its release, theG. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation finally makes the results of a long journey of analysis and experimentation official, which was shared together with the Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (ICCD) in Rome and the Soprintendenza dei Beni Storici Artisti and Etnoantropologici delle Marche, in order to standardize the “moulds” cataloguing  method at national level , among the various Italian paper mills whose  paper heritage is similar to that of Fabriano . In fact, the volume contains  an updated cataloguing form, PST 4.00 (acronym for Patrimonio Scientifico e Tecnologico - Scientific and Technological Heritage -  the cultural heritage sector identified for  the “moulds”), which has been integrated with a papermaking techniquewordlist referring to the “mould”, the first of its kind.  It has been under experimentation since the month July 2016, when it was officially published in the ‘Sistema Informativo Generale del Catalogo’ (SIGECweb) and on-line on the ICCD website  (www.iccd.beniculturali.it) among the ‘Standard Catalografici’ . All of this was made possible thanks to the professionalism and collaboration of the all Institutions,headed by the  Ministry for  Cultural Assets and  Activities and Tourism  and the knowhow  of all the experts made available by the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation. An important step, which marks the national evolution in the field of historic and technical papermaking studies. The G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA foundation, for a few months now, has begun the cataloging of the 2.295 moulds  according to the established rules. The volume was presented by Ezio Ornato from the ‘Laboratoire de Médiévistique Occidentale de Paris’ (CNRS - Université Paris I).Also  presenting, will beClaudia Caldari (formerly functionary at the “Soprintendenza dei Beni Storici Artisti and Etnoantropologici delle Marche”)and Flavia Ferrante (functionary at the “Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (ICCD)” in Rome. 

The volume was printed by Arti Grafiche "Gentile" Fabriano on watermarked paper for editions produced exclusively for this volume by FABRIANO Fedrigoni SpA Paper Mills.


Per consultare l'aggiornata scheda PST 4.00, v. "Sperimentazione Normative" sul sito-web dell'ICCD.