THE PAPER - XXII Ed. of Palio di San Giovanni Battista 2016

The XXII edition of ‘Palio di San Giovanni Battista’ (Medieval festivities) took place in Fabriano (16-26 June 2016). Leit motiv of this year will be "La Carta: ingegno e creatività, orgoglio Fabrianese nei secoli" [Paper: Brilliance and Creativity, the pride of Fabriano throughout the centuries].  Paper is therefore the real core theme of this edition, for this reason, the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni, Istituto Europeo di Storia della Carta e delle Scienze Cartarie (ISTOCARTA) foundation,  which has its main-office building in Fabriano, could not miss the opportunity to accept a joint- cooperation proposal by the ‘Presidente dell'Ente Autonomo Palio di San Giovanni Battista’ (the Chairman of the Autonomous Board of Palio di San Giovanni Battista) , Mr. Paolo Mearelli.

The Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA contributed to the  traditional publication released on occasion of the Palio, with three different topics devoted to paper:

- “Fabriano città della Carta dal XIII secolo” [Fabriano, the City of paper] by Giancarlo Castagnari (paper historian and Vice-Chairman of ISTOCARTA)

- “La Pia Università dei Carta, la Chiesa di  Santa Maria Maddalena, il culto della Santa: 690 anni di storia” by Carlo Bennati (Camerlengo of the Pia Università dei Cartai’, Member of the Administrative Board of the ISTOCARTA foundation)

- “ISTOCARTA: l’Istituto Europeo della città della Carta” [ISTOCARTA: the European Institute of the city of paper] by Livia Faggioni (Coordinator and Member of the Administrative Board of the ISTOCARTA foundation).

A joint cooperation has been established with the ‘Associazione Fabriano Dal Basso’ promoter of the initiative “A spasso per le vie della carta”, an urban trekking activity to discover works of art,  and ancient traditions and places of particular interest in the city, which has been scheduled  for tomorrow,  Saturday 18th June at 5.30pm. Amongst the visits that are on programme , a stop-over at the ‘Archivio d’Impresa delle Cartiere Miliani’ (headquartes of ISTOCARTA). The Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA foundation, in fact, will open the doors of the ‘Archivio’ to visitors (for information and bookings contact – text messages 348/2811314), with the aim of giving the opportunity to be acquainted with a reality which is still little known to the people living in Fabriano. A further opportunity for the “città della carta” to visit a place usually open to a public made of researchers, in line with the institutional role held by the ‘‘Archivio’  itself.

Another initiative which will host activities by our institute is scheduled on  Monday 20th June, at  5.30 pm at the ‘Oratorio della Carità’. The Vice-Chairman of ISTOCARTA, Mr. Giancarlo Castagnari, will inaugurate the historical congress: “La Carta: Ingegno e creatività. Orgoglio fabrianese nei secoli”. (Brilliance and Creativity. The pride of Fabriano throughout the centuries.)

Photographer: Maurizio Cimarra
Copyright Photo: Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA