ICRCPAL Conference, Rome 21-22 June 2016

A Seminar on ‘ La via della carta tra Oriente e Occidente. Produzione, restauro e conservazione: presente e passato a confronto’ (The Paper Routes between East and West. Production, restoration and conservation: Confrontation between past and present)  will be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd June 2016 in Rome - in Via Milano, - at the headquarters of ‘Istituto Centrale per il Restauro e la Conservazione del Patrimonio Archivistico e Librario (ICRCPAL) (Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Archive Heritage) . The leitmotiv of the seminar, which is aimed at focusing the  attention  to the topic of paper and relating issues, the core research activities of ICRCPAL, will be  the comparison between paper manufacturing in the past and present, both in the West and the East, and the  issues connected with the restoration and conservation of these products, either  ancient or modern. ‘Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’ was invited by Dr. Maria Letizia Sebastiani, newly appointed  Director of ICRCPAL,  to bring its contribution relating to the historical paper heritage of invaluable worth, under the  custody of the Foundation, inherited by the  ancient Cartiere Miliani, as a tangible proof of paper manufacturing in the west in the modern age. Mrs. Livia Faggioni, Co-ordinator of ISTOCARTA, will deliver a speech on ‘La “forma” nella storia della carta occidentale (The “Mould” in the history of paper in the West): western paper  narrated through the “mould” ,  a tool that has allowed  paper production over the centuries and still today . Special emphasis  shall be placed on the 2.300 moulds preserved, which are presently being catalogued.