How money is manufactured...

The exhibition "Come si fanno i soldi" curated by Luigi Lanfossi was inaugurated at the marvellous "Tipoteca Italiana" in Cornuda (TV) onSaturday 16th April 2016 , organised in cooperation with the ‘ Museo della stampa e stampa d'arte di Lodi “Andrea Schiavi” ’  and with the contribution of the ‘ Archivio storico di Poste Italiane’  and the’ Fondazione Gianfranco Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’ foundation .

The G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA foundation has put at the disposal various artistic water-marks produced by the historical paper-mill Cartiere Miliani , as well as photos taken from the  "Fondo Fototeca dal 1871"  pertaining to the National Archive, on the manufacturing of handmade paper on exhibition.

For more information: www.tipoteca.it