The MIAMI University returns to visit ISTOCARTA

About twenty students from the Dept. of Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering from MIAMI University , Oxford (OH), along with their professor D. Steven Keller, were hosted by the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni, Istituto Europeo di Storia della Carta e delle Scienze Cartarie (ISTOCARTA) foundation on Wednesday 13 January  2016 . Prof. Keller and his students already had occasion to appreciate Fabriano and the paper-heritage under the custody of ISTOCARTA,  in 2014.

The group was greeted and accompanied throughout the visit by the foundation  Vice-Chairman , Mr. Giancarlo Castagnari,  and Coordinator, Mrs. Livia Faggioni,  and given the opportunity to admire the works of art inherited by Cartiere Miliniani Fabriano: the Archive with its documents dating back to 1782, over2,300 moulds, 1,200 wire-cloths,  as well as the entire historic heritage.  A visit was then made to the plant at Pioraco (Cartiera FABRIANO Fedrigoni SpA) where the students were given the opportunity to speak directly to technicians there.