Shareholders' meeting ISTOCARTA 2015

The Shareholders' Meeting (Members, Supporters, Ordinary Members and Honorary Members) of the  ‘G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’ Foundation, was held in the Archive of the Cartiere Miliani Fabriano ( Miliani Fabriano Paper Mill)  on  October 30th, 2015. The President, Mr. Alessandro Fedrigoni, opened the Meeting by showing the actual costs met in 2014 and the costs budgeted for the years  2015 and 2016, which are expected to be higher as a result of  the growing number of initiatives promoted or partaken by ISTOCARTA.

Mrs. Livia Faggioni (Coordinator and Board Member), pointed out that most of the investments are aimed at the conservation and enhancement of the historic paper heritage and the publication and dissemination of research results, through the continuation of the series of volumes “Storia della Carta” ("History of Paper") directed by Mr. Giancarlo Castagnari (Vice-President).

The initiatives planned for the year 2016 are particularly important  , and are aimed at  consolidating the presence of ISTOCARTA in the field of studies on the history of paper  , both  at national and international level. Special attention is given to research:  in fact, a research grant has been established by the ‘Università Politecnica’ of Marche (Ancona)  in 2015,  – co-financed by ISTOCARTA – whose activities are being  held in the Archive of Cartiere Miliani (ISTOCARTA Headquarters) and will continue in 2016.

Many shareholders were present (professors, scholars, researchers and fans), coming even from abroad, among whom we mention Dr. Marco Ottaviani, President of the ‘Cassa di Risparmio di Fabriano and Cupramontana CARIFAC’ Foundation , a tireless supporter and promoter of the activities of ISTOCARTA. The Meeting was also attended by the members of the Scientific Committeeof ISTOCARTA, called by the President on that same day to discuss on future activities and collect new proposals.

At the end of the meeting ,  the shareholders had the opportunity to admire - in the Archive of the Miliani paper mill - the exhibition of  paper sculptures made by Prof. Philippe Durdu (Belgian jurist, Member of ISTOCARTA) portraying Mr. Pietro Miliani (founder of the paper mills of the same name) and  Mr. Giuseppe Miliani; and the historical paper heritage recently moved inside the old building of the Cartiere Miliani.