"Il gioco dell'Industria" exhibition

Thursday, 8th  October 2015 at 7 p.m. the inauguration of the iconographic exhibition “Il grande gioco dell’industria will be held at Spazio Folli 50.0, via Egidio Folli 50, in  Milano” , cured by Francesca Molteni, and organised by Museimpresa ‐ Italian Association of Museums and Enterprise Archives ‐ sponsored by Assolombarda, included in the calendar of events of Expo in Città ( Expo in the City of Milan). ”It narrates the story of fifty objects chosen from archive and Museimpresa associate museum collections, in cooperation with their curators”, amoung these also the G. Fedrigoni Foundation ISTOCARTA, whit the Historical Archive of Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills


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