Tomorrow, Friday, 25th September 2015, in Ancona at 5 p.m. , the foundation, ‘Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’ shall be taking part in  “SHARPER – European Researchers’ night”, an initiative promoted by the European commission which focuses on breaching the gap between the research-world and ordinary man-in-the-street. Starting from the afternoon till late at night, over 150 research-workers from the ‘Università Politecnica delle Marche’ shall be the leading role-players between piazza Roma and Corso Garibaldi, of a rich programme full of events, whose goals are the dissemination of scientific culture amongst the public. ISTOCARTA is to actively take part in the event with a stand, set up in cooperation with the Department of economic and social sciences (DiSES), which will propose to the visitor, a journey a backwards in time, to acquaint him with the history of paper.


For more information, www.nottedeiricercatori.it.