The annual general shareholders’ meeting of MUSEIMPRESA was held on Friday, 19/06/2015. The meeting took place in the marvelous main building of the Fondazione ‎PIRELLI, ( Pirelli Foundation) and was attended by representatives from the most important corporate archives and museums in Italy, such as “Museo della Liquirizia "Giorgio ‎Amarelli", Archivio Storico Barilla, Museo Salvatore ‎Ferragamo, Archivio Storico La Marzocco, Archivio Storico andMuseo ‎Italgas, Museo Rossimoda Calzatura, Museo ‎Kartell, Museo dell'Orologio da Torre G.B. Bergallo, Fondazione ‎Mansutti, Museo Zambon, etc.

Amongst the shareholders attending , there was also the Fondazione G. on behalf of the ‘Archivio Storico delle Cartiere Miliani’, (historic archive of the Miliani paper-mill) ,  represented on this occasion by the coordinator Livia Faggioni.

The ‘ Fondazione PIRELLI’ welcomed the participants with a visit to the ‘Centro Ricerca e Sviluppo PIRELLI’. ( Pirelli Research & Development Center) Successively, it opened the marvelous doors of the  Corporate Archive which conserves hundreds of rough sketches, outlines , and original drawings depicting publicity of its products (1910-1960) and single documents required in the re-construction of the history of "Industrie PIRELLI" company. From the archive to the splendid villa dating back to the 15th century – and owned by PIRELLI since 1908 – overlooking the heart of the city of Milan and which for centuries has borne its name. The day ended with the MUSEIMPRESA shareholders’ meeting, held in the conference hall of the Fondazione PIRELLI, chaired by A. Meomartini. Many were the topics and activities that filled the agenda  , with the aim of "promoting and posting those companies on the net that have preferred choosing culture as the instrument for  communication and  economic development.”


To see the Historical Archive of Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills - G. Fedrigni Foundation ISTOCARTA on MUSEIMPRESA, click here.


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