Fabriano InWatercolour 2015

 On occasion of the sixth edition of “Fabriano InAcquarello” – International convention devoted to the technique of water-colour painting on paper, which was held in Fabriano from23rd to 26th April 2015– the historical premises of the paper-mill ‘Cartiere Miliani’, owned by the Fedrigoni S.p.A. company based in Verona,  hosted water-colour painters from 40 countries all over the world, during one of its numerous appointments on the agenda.

The InArte cultural association – the founder of the convention - has had a cooperation with the Cartiera FABRIANO and the Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, European Institute on the history of paper and paper science (ISTOCARTA),  over the years, and has been a member of it for more than two years.

Appreciating the cultural value of the convention, FABRIANO, in a joint effort with the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA, on 24th April at 3.00 p.m., was given impetus to the suggestive historical premises of the paper-mill in Fabriano, by hosting the artists in the areas behind the buildings, where they was be able to admire a marvellous example of an “archeological park on the paper-industry”, fully immersed in the green and crossed by the river Giano and its waterfall.

Here, the water-colour painters was be able to live a unique experience, where “paper” and “brush” were the leading stars. The most important tools needed for making a water-colour work of art,  were directly narrated by the manufacturers:  FABRIANO made a paper-making master available, who showed the various stages of hand-made paper, along with  an expert, who, with the aid of a video, esplained the various stages in the making of paper for water-colour painting to be moulded in the cylinder machine; while an important Spanish brush producer, showed the hand manufacturing process of a paint-brush. Other items on the agenda include a session on collective painting, in a real and proper open-air artist workshop experience.

For the occasion, the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA, which  sponsored the convention, opened its doors to the artists,  giving them the  possibility of visiting the precious historical archive Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills , where they can admire old historical samples and catalogues of paper for water-colour painting.   

As in previous editions, always on the historical premises of Miliani Paper Mills, the FABRIANO has put at the disposal some rooms, which has hosted one amongst the ten exhibitions on water-colour painting in the historical centre of Fabriano, where  720 works of art belonging to the 27 participating artists will be put on show. As usual, artists will be presented with a sheet of FABRIANO paper for water-colour painting by the  Paper Mill.


For more information on the convention, see www.inartefabriano.it