#digitalinvasion 2015 - 1° step "THE HISTORY"

The Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, European Institute on the history of paper and paper science (ISTOCARTA) – which has its headquarters in the Historical Archive of  Miliani Paper Mills in Fabriano (AN) – has hosted the supporters of “Digital Invasions”, the project aimed at spreading digital culture and the use of open data, training  and arousing awareness in public institutions on the use of the web and social media networks to develop  innovative projects in a joint effort for the creation of cultural values further to promoting and spreading culture. Equipped with smart-phones, tablets, video-cameras, cameras, it will be possible to attend the third edition of Digital Invasions from 24th April till 3rd May 2015. A global event which unites and brings back people to places of culture for speaking about them on the web.

An opportunity where internet and social media are the means to transmit culture, in order to overcome any type of barrier and favour the sharing and spreading as well as the promotion of our cultural heritage.

Appreciating the value of the initiative, the G. Fedrigoni Foundation ISTOCARTA has set aside two dates for the “invaders”,  25th April at 10.30 a.m. and 30th April at 3.00 p.m., by opening the precious Historical Archive of Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills to the public. “Invasion of the Paper Universe. From its history to the technique in paper-making” will be the leitmotif  of the two “invasions”: the history of  Fabriano Paper Mills from 1782 narrated across documents which have been conserved at the Historical Archive of Miliani Fabriano Paper Mills, the first Enterprise Archive acknowledged as being of “noteworthy historical value” in Italy (20th July 1964), and the technique in manufacturing hand-made paper across an analysis of its tools (“waxes”, “punches”, “forms”, etc.).


To see the video on TgR Marcheclick here.


Phographer: Maurizio Cimarra

Photos copyright: Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA