Anna Gialdini 2014 award winner

Friday, November 7th, 2014, at 3.00pm the selection board of the BIENNIAL NATIONAL AWARD met  the author of an unpublished thesis on topic relevant to the history of paper and related disciplines, promoted by the Gianfranco Fedrigoni Fondation, European Institute of the History of Paper and Paper Sciences ISTOCARTA, composed by Dr. Giancarlo Castagnari (Vice-President of the Foundation and editor of a book  series on the History of Paper), by Prof. Emanuela Di Stefano (Lecturer at the University of Camerino), by Prof. Renzo Sabbatini (Lecturer at the University of Siena).

The commissioners, who in the months following the expiry date of the submission for the competition, July 31st, 2014, had  separately examined the thesis submitted to the Secretariat of the Foundation, and after careful thought, decided to grant the prize of € 5,000 .00 (sum established in the competition announcement) to Dr. ANNA GIALDINI author of "Nihil vita carius ": storia e fisionomia della biblioteca di Michael Sophianos.

The Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA would like to thank all those who participated in the award and the auspices is, given the positive overall appreciation of the Examination Board  for the quality of the thesis submitted, that studies in this field continue, in order to contribute the dissemination of knowledge, enhancement and promotion of paper in all its forms and shapes.


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