32nd Congress of International Paper Historians IPH

On the occasion of the 32nd International Paper Historians IPH Congress from 21st to 27th of September 2014 took place in Italy in Fabriano and in part in Amalfi, the Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, European Institute of Paper History and Paper Sciences ISTOCARTA with the University of Camerino UNICAM organized , on 23rd of September 2014, a meeting about the origins of western paper,in the monumental “Sala della Muta” of the Ducal Palace of Camerino. There more than no. 60 scholars and researchers about paper from all the world. The Rector of UNICAM Flavio Corradini, the President of ISTOCARTA and the Director of UNICAM Antonio Flamini (also President of the meeting) welcomed the guests.

After the greetings of local representatives, the Prof. Renato Covino presented the results of the Congress held in Camerino on October 4th 2013 At the origin of Western Paper: technics, production, markets (XIII-XV Centuries)  published  in a volume developed by Giancarlo Castagnari (Vice President of ISTOCARTA), Emanuela Di Stefano (collaborator at UNICAM and Scientific Counsellor of ISTOCARTA) and Livia Faggioni (member of the  Council of Administration and Coordinator of ISTOCARTA ).

Edited by Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, European Institute of Paper History and Paper Science ISTOCARTA , the publication is the 12th volume of the collection “History of Paper”  founded on 1986 by the Pia Università dei Cartai.

Sylvia Rodgers Albro presented the issues developed in her monograph (in print at the Library of Congress of Washington): Fabriano: City of Papermaking in Medieval and Renaissance Italy.

The treatise is the result of several researches she conducted in Italy on historical documents preserved in archives, museums, monasteries and libraries in the Fabriano area, in the Archive of Cartiere Miliani in Fabriano (seat of the G. Fedrigoni Foundation ISTOCARTA) and on original sources at the Library of Congress.

The presentation of Prof. R. Covino and the overview of the Sylvia Rodgers Albro have shown, once again, the historical and cultural value of the Paper Universe.

The President of the IPH Dr. Anna-Grethe Rischel concluded the meeting bringing the greetings to the present and gratitude to the representatives of ISTOCARTA and UNICAM for their kind welcome and hospitality.

The event was sponsored bythe Library of Congress, Washington (D.C).

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Photographer: Maurizio Cimarra