From September 21st to September 27th 2014 in Fabriano and Amalfi the XXXII Congress of International Paper Historians IPH will take place.

Given this occasion, on September 23rd at 10.00 a.m.  the Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, The European Institute of Paper and Paper Science ISTOCARTA of Fabriano (Italy)  and the University of Camerino UNICAM (Italy)  will host eminent  scholars at the evocative Sala della Muta of the Ducal Palace in Camerino.

Scholars will be dealing with  the origins of western paper. Interventions are expected  by Prof. Renato Covino, Teacher at  University of Perugia and  past President of the Italian Association for the Industrial Archeological  Heritage, and Dr. Sylvia Rodgers Albro, Senior Paper Conservator at the Library of Congress in Washington, both of them  Honorary  Members of ISTOCARTA.

The event – part of the IPH Congress and sponsored by the Library of Congress - is opened to all citizens and synchronized translation will be available.