Vol. XI of serie of "Storia della Carta"

LE CARTARE DI FABRIANO. Società Donne Lavoro nei tempi della città della carta (ISBN 978-88-908519-0-2 )


From editorial activity promoted by Pia Universita' dei Cartai, which in 1986 founded the series of "Storia della Carta", borns the XI volume dedicated to the "Cartare", edited by Gianfranco Fedrigoni Foundation, European Institute of the History of Paper and Paper Sciences. The first of the new series of volumes that mark the beginning of the editorial activity of the Institute, committed to bringing its contributions of culture and historical promotion to the Italian paper historiography, with the collaboration of scholars, researchers, historians, Italian professors and foreign authors of monographic essays published in the first 10 volumes.

The collective work reconstructs the workings of the female component of the workforce who helped make famous "Fabriano" paper throughout the world and it discovers, with appropriate studies and researches, to what extent the characters of the women influenced the social and economic development, rebuilding in broad terms the historic route from the middle ages to the modern age, contemporary age, particularly with regard to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Authors: R Armezzani, T Baldoni, A Capponi, G Castagnari, L Corvi, C M Cozza, S Fiaoni, G Fortunati, S Gatti and S Rossi.

On this occasion Emilio Macchia - the winner of Biennial National Prize, promoted by Fondazione Gianfranco Fedrigoni, European Institute for the History of Paper and Paper Sciences, the Author of a Masters Degree unpublished thesis that is relevant to topics associated with papermaking, Press to attack. Editoria etipografia clandestina in Olanda 1940 - 1945 -  that he created the cover of the volume - received from the President Alessandro Fedrigoni a Certificate of Merit.


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