Raphael – Il Disegno Ritrovato

Raphael –  Il Disegno Ritrovato is an essay by Ferdinando Mazzei, an ordinary member of the Foundation, that adresses the famous painting by Raphael -  Holy Family with Lamb, of which there are several versions, including "The table preserved at the Museum of Prado, considered by art historians to be signed". Mazzei is in possession of a drawing coming from a private collection. Mazzei studies the characteristic of the design, analyzes the paper and the watermark to establish that this design is Raphal’s autograph, having built a model of the table of Prado". 

The essay and analyses supporting the paper have aroused great interest in the Scientific Council of the Foundation - Implicated in order to achieve the recognition and a possible dating of the watermark represented - creating an important occasion of comparison among experts in the field of paper.

The Fondazione G  Fedrigoni, European Institute of the History of Paper and Paper Sciences invites scholars, experts and amateurs to contribute to research conducted by Ferdinand Mazzei, sending reports to: info@fondazionefedrigoni.it