The Istituto di Storia della Carta “Gianfranco Fedrigoni” (ISTOCARTA) – dedicated to one of the most tenacious and illuminated entrepreneurs in the sector of international and  national  paper production , Mr. Gianfranco Fedrigoni -  was established  in Fabriano  on the 8th of March 2011 by the  Fedrigoni  S.p.A., a family owned business that has devoted all its passion and competence to the sector of paper manufacturing for the past five generations and which took over the historical paper-mill Miliani Fabriano and its inestimable paper heritage in 2002.

ISTOCARTA is based in Fabriano – in the evocative historical Cartiere Miliani building complex  –the “city of paper” per excellence ,  which has been ranked as the first to have ever manufactured and traded paper all over the world for eight consecutive centuries running, handing down a cultural tradition which has enriched the historiography on paper since the mid-eighteen hundreds, in addition to archive,  archaeological and historical assets of inestimable worth pertaining to Cartiere Miliani Fabriano to be conserved . Fabriano is the  only head office in Italy which cannot be transferred elsewhere. (Art. 2 of the Articles of Association ISTOCARTA).

The Institute was officially recognised as legal entity on the 16th of April 2012.

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